Canadian Rockies Mountain Bike Fest On Track for 2017

The Canadian Rockies Mountain Bike Fest took 2nd place in the Travel Alberta 2016 Growing Rural Tourism [GRT] Conference’s Entrepreneurship Challenge, held recently in Camrose.

Canadian Rockies Mountain Bike Fest wins 2nd in 2016 Entrepreneurship Challenge

Canadian Rockies Mountain Bike Fest finishes 2nd in the 2016 Entrepreneurship Challenge. Wanda Bogdane [2nd from right] accepts the giant novelty cheque.

The Fest will go ahead in June 2017, featuring:

  • Craft beer tent [yay!]
  • Mountain bike demos
  • The Plaid Goat Jump Jam [whee!]
  • Bike skills coaching clinics
  • Group rides [also whee!]
  • Mountain bike races
  • Trail care with local and regional builders
  • Activities for the kids
  • Vendor fair with bike stuff, food, arts and crafts, etc.

This sounds like a really awesome event, and the CMBA is definitely looking forward to it. They’re looking for sponsors and partners to make things happen in 2017. If you or someone you know could help with the whole thing or just a part of it, get in touch with Wanda Bogdane. She’s looking for bike industry and non-industry help to make the Fest a reality.

There’s a press release associated with this – download it here to get more details on the Entrepreneurship Challenge and the state of mountain bike tourism in Alberta.  The Alberta Government put out a blurb as well – linky.