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Riding the Mt MacPherson trails in Revelstoke

Calgarians are big travelers.  Calgary mountain bikers, in particular, love to explore other riding areas.  While it’s a little surprising to see somebody on Sulphur Springs one week and then see them in Moab the next, it happens.  Exploring new trails and experiences is a big part of what mountain biking is all about, and you owe it to yourself to see what’s past the borders of Kananaskis.  Here are a few personal favourites:


Ever wonder why many Calgary trails are deserted on long weekends?  It’s ’cause everybody is riding in Fernie.  With a huge diversity of trails for everyone from beginners to pros, it’s the cat’s ass.  Buy a map or the trail guide book at one of the bike shops in town – it’s totally worth it.  Some favourite trails are South Castle, Swine Flu, Black Forest/Megahurtz, Splitting Bears, Project 9, Slunt/Brokeback, Verboten, so many more…  Lift-accessed riding at the resort starts on June 28 this year, and typically runs through to Sept. 1.   The Elk chair runs daily, but the Timber chair [access to most of the long black + double-black runs] is only open weekends and holidays, so plan accordingly.

Local Trail Org: Fernie Trails Alliance


LOVE REVY.  Great town, great people, great trails.  The obvious go-to is the Mt. MacPherson area.  The density of trails is similar to Canmore Nordic Centre – except with proper signage!   Read more ›

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Pave Eastlands and Put Up a Mall

Update 22/06/2014: Here is a link to the City of Calgary site with details for two open houses, one on the 24th and the other on the 26th.  There’s also an online comment section – click on the Citizen & Stakeholder Input tab:


One of the best bits of singletrack in the city may be getting the chop!  The Eastlands [just east of Canada Olympic Park] has been hit with a commercial/residential development proposal.  The proposal includes a big chunk of residential plus what looks to be two malls ['cause we really need more malls].  Here’s the kicker – around HALF of all the existing singletrack would be gone – basically all the lower to mid-level trails.  Access to the few trails left over would likely be from the top of the hill.

Two malls and some cul-de-sacs instead of some of the nicest trail in Calgary...

Two malls and some interchanges instead of some of the nicest trail in Calgary… [HUGE pic here]

If you’d rather ride your bike with your friends and family than eat mall food, you might want to check out the open house scheduled for June 26 [Thursday].  Entertainingly, the open house is nowhere near Eastlands or the proposed development.  The open house is at the Calgary French and International School, 700 – 77 St SW, up the hill from Eastlands [thx Greg!].  Drop by any time between 4:00pm-9:00pm on June 26 and feel free to tell the City exactly what you think of this proposal.  Rumor has it that they are VERY eager to hear from recreational users of the area.  

A couple of links for you:

some pics of the plan and a PDF of the map -

a recent study commissioned by the city on area usage [TLDR - it gets used for recreational purposes a lot, daily] :

See you on the trails…

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Sign Up For the Bow80 Trail Day NOW!


Our good friends at Bow Cycle are once again hosting a trail day, this year on June 22.  Last year’s Bow Trail Day was awesome,  with over 100 people out on the trails, building and buffing.  Capping the day with loads of prizes and tonnes of food was the icing on the cake.

Ride In, Ride Out!  This year, CMBA needs help with a big berm, some buffing and a couple of other projects.  We’ll be shuttling the tools in and out, so you don’t have to hike.  Come out on June 22 and give the trails some love!

Register at so Bow knows how many sausages to cook up on the BBQ!

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