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We’re very happy to be able to offer the new Bragg Creek & Area Trails Map for sale through our website.  The map covers the trails between West Bragg Creek and Moose Mountain, including the MMBTS DH/freeride trails off of Moose Mountain Road, Ridgeback, Ranger Summit, Strange Brew and more.  With 10m elevation contours and full trail descriptions, you’ll have the answers to “what’s that ride like?” and “how steep is that climb?” before you get to the trailhead.

The trail map is available for only $15.00, including shipping within Canada.  Buy it now!

Bragg Creek & Area Trails Map ($15.00 each)

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Slide on down to the Triple Rock…

It’s the dreary days of winter, between the fun of the holiday season and the epic powder of February and March.  Sedona and SoCal might be out of reach, and Moab doesn’t hit its stride until April.  Maybe y’all could use a little churchin’ up.

From the filmers:

Brandon Blakely, Zach Heaton, and Evan Voss were the motivators behind Church. Our friendship was forged in college through riding bikes, with a mutual interest for multiple sports and the refined skillset that goes hand in hand with mastery of those disciplines. We have traveled distances together for riding but for this trip Brandon and Evan were the bike men and Zach manned the no-fun-gun (camera). With three days of perfect October weather we attempted to capture our mutual appreciation for Fall in North Carolina.

Why Church? It started as a joke, pulled from some kayaking edit. Over a couple months it turned into something more. I would find myself completely winded at the end of a long climb saying “What a fine Church service this mornin” and it would put a gigantic smile on my face. We are certainly not the pioneers of the term but have managed to redefine it and call “Church” our own. Going to Church is leagues beyond riding your bike. It is an appreciation of life expressed through what you are passionate about. For us, it is goofing off while keeping our minds youthful and fresh while at the same time shredding our local trails to the best of our ability. These elements encompass Church for us.

Seventeen – Youth Lagoon

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Dear Motorist

Might be preaching to the choir here, but still worth a view.  Please share as you see fit.

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